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15-Nov-2017 Robson Partners

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Land Tax: State-by-State

Land Tax is a State based Tax consequently if you have properties in various States you will need to meet each states individual land tax regulations. So even if you have properties held by the same entity but in different States this entity will be required to lodge Land Tax Returns for each respective State.

15-Nov-2017 Robson Partners

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Tax and Christmas party planning

Christmas will be here before we know it, and the well-prepared business owner knows that a little tax planning can help make sure there are no unforeseen tax problems.

15-Nov-2017 Robson Partners

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Beware Division 7A when borrowing from your business

Business owners of private companies often borrow money from their own companies for all sorts of reasons. However, there is an area of the tax law that seeks to sanction against situations in which private companies dole out money to those within a business, in a form other than salary or dividends, that needs to be understood by business owners. This is known as Division 7A.

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