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16-Oct-2017 Robson Partners

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Small business car parking FBT exemption

A business becomes liable for car parking fringe tax where it provides parking for more than four hours on its premises to its employees, and is situated within one kilometre of a commercial car park where the minimum all day cost is more than the current parking fringe benefit threshold ($8.66 a day for the 2017-18 FBT year).

16-Oct-2017 Robson Partners

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TED Talks: Tesla He - Virtual postcards get us closer

"I have an image in my mind: a pair of eyes, of my grandma, looking at me full of hope." His family back in China, himself working in Switzerland, Tesla He believed in the power of virtual reality and augmented reality technologies to help bring people closer together. Tesla He grew up in China with top education record from Elementary school to University. He came to Switzerland, and enrolled in a Master of Finance program in HEC Lausanne. His grade of the first semester broke the record of the past two years. As a result, he was offered to enter a PhD program directly. Tesla He wanted to deliver an impact in industry. Therefore, he gave up this academic opportunity, and took a financial manager position at Nestlé. After two years of valuable experience there, he joined a start-up as a key partner. Together with the founding team, they grew the start-up from scratch to raiding CGF 35 millions. This experience helped him to realise that he enjoys delivering impacts. Now, with his team, they are developing a way to send virtual postcards that allow people to share immersive feelings.

15-Sep-2017 Robson Partners

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Deductions for finance for a rental property

Interest can be claimed for the cost of funds borrowed to purchase a rental property and to meet maintenance costs or running expenses while the rental property is being let (or is available to be let) under a commercial arrangement to generate assessable income.

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