At Robson Partners we combine the disciplines of financial planning and business development with the more traditional accounting concepts of taxation and audit compliance.

In a dynamic and ever changing business world, effort is required to maintain the level of expertise required by professionals in the above fields. It requires a significant commitment to training by the practice partners and by the entire team. To ensure that Robson Partners remains at the cutting edge of business and investment solutions, we conduct regular internal and external training events for staff – including:

  • monthly external tax seminars, 
  • taxation and business development conferences, 
  • internal staff training, fortnightly client service managers instruction, 
  • financial services annual conference, 
  • technical seminar days and financial services mini conferences (2 per year). 

The commitment to technical and professional learning is shared throughout the organisation. We also address employee's needs on a more personal level. This may include developing team building skills, training in concepts of time management, organisational leadership, work flow management and client service principles.

Accelerated study

For student's undergrads that demonstrate an enthusiasm and competency then after a qualifying period we offer support in accelerating University Study.