This month's Business in Focus is Intouch Hair Creations.

We speak with owner, Amanda Kassis, on the recent startup of her new hairdressing business and discuss the challenges she and her team have overcome.

Amanda's passion for hairdressing inspired her to start her own hairdressing business with a goal to create a high end salon on the Central Coast so people would not need to travel to Sydney to experience the quality and service Intouch Hair Creations offer and also to provide somewhere for local aspiring hairdressers to be educated in the current and upcoming trends through Paul Mitchel Creative Colour and Cut courses held within the salon.

The current focus for Intouch Hair Creations is to grow the salon to its full potential by employing more staff, accommodating more clients and expanding the current setup within the salon. Having said this, the biggest 'win' at the moment is growth. "The salon is taking on more clients. We have employed two new girls within the first year. The salon is meeting it's targets financially and the re-book and return percentage of clients is high," says Amanda.

Over the next 12 months, Amanda expects to employ new staff, enabling her to step back from the salon and work on the business rather than work in the business.

At the moment, Amanda faces a slight challenge by trying to expand her team with young and enthusiastic people that fit into the salons culture. "Finding the right person for the job is hard, as not everyone has what it takes to provide the service and quality the salon delivers." 

Amanda finds quarterly team workshops with Troy Marchant from Robson Partners a useful method to keep her team motivated and involved, enforcing the key factors that make the salon what it is and providing them with knowledge and techniques to keep clients happy and satisfied they are receiving top quality service. Amanda says that the team leave feeling energised and excited to implement the techniques and knowledge they have received from Troy.

Over the next 12 months the salon is expected to be running at full capacity, with staff fully trained in the latest trends and techniques by the top educators in NSW. "Staff will be fully booked and clients will be enjoying an expanding salon with all services on offer," says Amanda.

"I felt I needed someone outside of the hairdressing industry to guide me and assist me to grow my business. To inspire, educate and to show me how to reach my full potential I needed a mentor to keep me focused. Troy has inspired me, mentored me and my staff to reach our full potential and keep the business growing. I enjoy our one-on-one sessions as Troy challenges me and keeps me focused on my goals."

Amanda explains that although starting a new business has been a challenging experience, she has not had any mindset shifts since the startup. There have been many challenges, having to deal with many different situations and challenges that has grown Amanda as a person. These challenges have made Amanda proud of what she, together with her team, have achieved.

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