We speak with owner, Nicole Dimech, on the successful expansion of the family business, and discuss the challenges faced when merging two businesses.

As a successful and busy mobile locksmith business that started 7 years ago, Paul and Nicole felt their business had peaked and were looking at new ways to stimulate growth. They knew their next step was to get a business location; to put their business on the map. They learned the owners of Allcoast Locksmiths were retiring and had put their business up for sale. This was just the opportunity they were looking for! They are now the proud owners of Allcoast Locksmiths.

Originally from Sydney, Paul and Nicole moved to the Central Coast when Nicole was 5 months pregnant with their first child and have "never looked back".

Paul has been a locksmith since he left school over 18 years ago and is now a specialist in the field - there is not much Paul doesn't know when it comes to locks! 

Nicole has had a varied background – she is a qualified Early Childhood teacher, also a qualified Property Manager; she has worked as a Supply Coordinator for NSW in Corrective Services Industries, after which she left the workforce to be a full time mum! 

The focus for the team right now is to put their stamp on The Coast. They want people to know them as the "go-to" guys. They are specialists in their field and want to offer their customers expert service. The locksmiths industry is a busy and fast-paced one. Every job is urgent and important. 

Paul and Nicole have worked hard to integrate the two businesses, merging different systems, styles and cultures to produce a successful new business. They have installed a new phone system with more phone lines and a professional on-hold service, to expertly manage customer calls as their business steadily grows.

The locksmiths industry is a busy and fast paced area to specialise in. Every job is urgent and important which has helped Paul and Nicole's business to continue to grow and is now bigger than ever before! With this growth, it has bought them to launch a new website - www.allcoastlocks.com.au, as well as a Facebook page and a new phone system with more phone lines and a professional on hold service. 

"Robson Partners have been supportive and helpful with any questions I have asked. No question has been laughed at, even the silly ones! Many questions have been asked and a couple of 'puddles' as my Workshop Manager, John would say. But with a storm comes a rainbow. Positivity is the key.

I have a professional relationship with Robson Partners. They are always there to listen and even if I can't get an answer straight away, they always get back to me with one. They also know what's new. The information we receive is current and first-hand. I feel that our personal financial aspects are well looked after," Nicole explains.

Allcoast Locksmiths are endeavouring to be a key support/sponsor company to the Central Coast community, with a number of prospectus' in process.

The team at Allcoast Locksmiths are a professional, friendly and down to earth bunch of people - always up for a joke or a laugh. But when the job needs to be done, it gets done!