Digital disruption is happening to all of us at this very moment. It doesn’t have a beginning, middle or an end. It is ongoing and the businesses and brands that embrace emerging digital technologies are innovating faster, impacting harder and growing market share.

David Smith, Founder and Director of Smithink and Chairman of the Robson Partners Board of Directors, joined the GEC Chamber lunch on 14 August to share his insight and expertise on digital disruption as an enabler of better business. He inspired the important questions: Are you making the right decisions? Are you doing enough?

About David Smith: David Smith is a founding Director of Smithink which since 2001 has advised small and medium businesses on strategy, process innovation and enablement through technology. He created the largest conference in Australia for accountants on technology which was sold to National Media in 2017. David has an extensive career as a business leader and innovator, including 2003 President of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia (now Chartered Accountants Australia + New Zealand) and inaugural director on listing of Countplus Limited, the ASX listed aggregator of many accounting and related businesses. He is a regular speaker at many of Australia's key business and technology events and he has a free monthly newsletter. You can subscribe online at